Monday, October 26, 2015

1st Character Concept i was considering for a New Years Fallout Campaign

to have some fun with Trolling my Saturday Savage Worlds GM with his fallout group, i am totally considering rolling up a young female wierd scientist with a modified left handed nintendo power glove that mimics the Ember Cylica from RWBY and well, a Hologram Projecting Jacket that blurrs ones movements in a manner akin to the predator cloak as her first 2 inventions

essentially, the gauntlet starts with the smite power and will pick up the bolt power later, but it otherwise functions as a deathclaw gauntlet, not because it was made from a deathclaws hand hooked to a brace, but due to the tech augmenting the gauntlet. the gauntlet might later have blast and burst. it was inspired by the Ember Cylica from RWBY

the Holojacket will start with the deflection power and eventually likely pick up disguise and invisibility, while otherwise functioning as a light armor in the form of a quilted mesh jacket. providing a thin layer of passive protection to the torso and arms. the HoloJacket is essentially Predator Cloak from the Predator movies from the 1990s

essentially, she is legal age but slight framed, youth and immature while referencing potent late 20th and early 21st century gaming tech. and well, she is a Vault Dwelling Vigilante who uses the power glove and holo jacket as her signature weapons and upgrades them over time. making a pact with the old god 'Tari for this wisdom. so she is clearly delusional.

well, i will post more character concepts when they come.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ilina's List of DCC House Rules, Adventuring Proficiencies

Adventuring Proficiencies are a new system for DCC designed to mimic some of the utility of skills and feats from pathfinder without the blatant power provided by the system. note that not all of these proficiencies are tested, and some of them might be class specific or even highly useless under certain classes

each class recieves a number of starting proficiencies at 1st level equal to 4 plus their intelligence modifier. in addition, everybody recieves the skill proficiencies native to their 0 level occupation for free, gaining +2 to rolls pertaining to their occupation. this isn't the sole list of proficiencies, but it covers most concepts

Skill Bonus; (must pick a skill not native to your class and profession) choose a skill outside of your class and profession, you are trained in that skill, if it is a broad or highly useful adventuring skill (such as Perception rolls or Sneaking or even Lockpicking), you recieve a +2
bonus to that skill, if the skill is instead focused on an extremely situational and rarely used skill (such as tailoring or performance) or the bonus is on a narrow use of a skill that really shines when it shows up (such as perception rolls made to notice hazards or athletics rolls made to swim), the bonus is replaced with a +5. you may choose either the +2 or +5 version each time you select this proficiency.

Attack Cantrip (requires Elf or Wizard); your wizard or elf learns magic missile as a bonus spell with the benefit they can cast it at will without risk of forgetting it as long as they have actions to spend. no roll is needed for this.

Bottomless Cantrip; (Requires Elf or Wizard) Each time you select this ability, Select Either Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound or Silent Image, you learn this spell as an additional spell known and may cast it at will without risk of forgetting it and without a roll as long as you have actions remaining

Weapon Proficiency; (must pick a weapon not native to your class and profession) choose a weapon not normally available to your class and profession, you gain proficiency in that weapon

Brutal Throw (Requires Warrior or Dwarf, Cannot have Weapon Finesse, Guided Hand or Bladesong)

you apply your strength modifier instead of your dexterity modifer to attack rolls with ranged weapons

Weapon Finesse (Requires Thief or Halfling, Cannot have Brutal Throw, Guided Hand or Bladesong)

you apply your dexterity modifier in place of your strength modifier to attack and damage rolls with melee weapons on the thief and halfling proficiency lists

Bladesong (Requires Elf or Wizard, Cannot have Brutal Throw, Guided Hand, or Weapon Finesse)

you were trained in the bladesinger style of combat, when wielding a melee weapon with which you are proficient, you apply your intelligence bonus instead of your strength bonus to attack and damage rolls

Guided Hand; (Requires Cleric, cannot have Brutal Throw, Bladesong or Weapon finesse)

when your cleric wields a weapon they are proficient with, they apply their personality modifier to the attack and damage roll in place of their strength modifier as they channel their god's will through their weapon

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Old Savage Tale. a Tale of Underestimated Luck

it was a Savage Worlds Science Fiction Campaign Taking Place in the 42nd Century A.D. with races from the fantasy companion serving as Alien Archetypes Alongside Terrans and well, the Party was a Crew of Interstellar Smugglers and Couriers in a whimsical fashion similar to the main cast of Futurama. we were forever having financial issues, constantly in debt, and well, we had angered the Republic Countless times.

our courier license hadn't been updated in 15 years, and despite this being 4,257 AD, i was playing a Caucasian middle school student from 2,027 AD who grew up on Playstation and Graphic Novels. because she was a 12 year old Terran who was recently thawed, she had small and clueless as her major hindrances with outsider and timid as minor hindrances, with clueless specifically applying to the centuries 23rd and after/ so she was still learning the ropes of a delivery crew and became quite an effective Starship Combat Evasive Combat Manuevers (ECM) Specialist and in addition to outmanuevering most older individuals, was quite good at preparing targets for the opponent to fire at, using her "Playstation Skills" which were treated as a "Technology Roll" and she also had a decent investigation, because she looked up a lot of Hentai or some crap like that. stuff i did at that age.

our Ship was impounded by the Republic for not having an up to date license, and well, because we couldn't afford our taxes or to update our license let alone pay 15 years worth of backbilled renewals, we were arrested and escorted to the capitol of the Republic's Penal System, a Prison Built on an Old and Dying Moon where prisoners were expected to do slave labor. being deemed unfit for physical labor, i got permission to do domestic labor involving my skill with technology.

while they removed most of the crew's telecom earbuds and removed most of their weaponry and non-personal effects, and well, the only items i had were personal effects, a Smart Phone of the Samsung Galaxy S3 model, a lunch pail loaded with Art Supplies, and well, my phone charger. i didn't get to bring my playstation though. because they deemed that an ECM simulator.

within 2 days with my smart phone, i was told i needed 5 successes in 2 rolls to get access to a connection on an investation, my D8+2 exploded 8 times and i got a 65, or 16 successes, which gave me the passwords and access to everything in the Republics archives, as well as a list of Rich people to siphon money from, so i broke the security of a 42nd century database with a 21st century phone from pure luck.

i then proceeded to report and hack the accounts of a few suspicious Republic nobles who my investigation told me were doing shady things, confiscating both the money of those nobles, and collecting a bounty for revealing their crimes on public blog. with the money, i wired money to the republic to buy off our renewel of our license, pay off and restock our ship, pay off the impound fees, bribe our way out of prison, and make a deal with offering to smuggle evidence as investigators

the Senator agreed on the condition that we fake our escape and make it look like a prison break, so i handed the toughest fighters, the Dwarven Captain and the Orcish Bruiser, each one of my pairs of 21st century student grade lefty scissors to nonlethally disable the power armored guards and get our escape to make the deal.

most of the guards were acting inferior because it was scripted. and well, to think all this happened with 16 successes on a technology roll. and well, this illuminati style organization of corrupt republic officials now wants us dead, but our courier license is renewed for 30 more years, and we escape, and well, the GM thought there was no way i could get that many successes until i gained them right in front of him and well, Terran 21st century technology began to resurface in popularity, and they started remaking the playstation 3, because it was apparently that good an ECM simulator. it wasn't campaign end, but i negated an entire adventure or few through sheer luck. but this was back in 2010-2011ish. i think.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adorkable Nymphs First Review, Pathfinder, the Stain of innocence

because every Version of D20 plays Nearly Exactly the Same, i thought i would make this pathfinder Review first. Adorkableness Start

Helloesies, i started with Pathfinder when it was new, and while it claimed to fix the problems of 3.5 Edition D&D and continue the license, it never delivered on either promise. we just got more numbers, new numbers and bigger numbers. while i love Math in small doses, Pathfinder is just too much math for even a Math Lover and Accountants Adopted Daughter like myself

D20, isn't even a decent combat simulator, Numbers get so bloated from the static bonuses that luck is completely irrelevant and it is all about how many bonuses you piled on the Counteract the Random Number Generator. this is a problem with D20 in general, the fact is, by the time you actually develop a 30 Armor class, everything you face has at least an 80% chance to hit you while power attacking.

to Counteract the Escalating Numbers in Both Sides, both Sides Add Numbers, levels and Resources that allow them to stack even more numbers. most often in the form of magic items, making Mathfinder characters into nothing more than a Vessel for there christmas tree of highly specific magically altered bling.

even worse is the Homicidal Mentality Pathfinder Player Characters Indulge themselves in. Homicidal Transient Brigands who only haven't murdered you because you willingly parted with your hard earned loot the easy way to redirect their murder. this mentality is often seen in Video games as well, where a player completely flips out unprovoked and murders an NPC, because they know the NPC has a pretty pair of extremely useful magical boots they want to have.

Pathfinder was a major stain to my roleplaying innocence, i couldn't complain because i am technically a mute and nobody would read my 18 inch diameter square blackboard. but even before the history of repeated sore throats robbed me of my voice in a permanent manner. i really dislike homicidal transients, not that i'm unwilling to play one if that is the group's style or the group needs a fighter, it is because of D20 that i usually take up whichever role the group wants least/ tired of playing the cleric, i know, it is a cliche. yeppies, you will get a cleric, just not the cleric you want. you aren't getting a healer in white robes with a staff and silver crucifix. you might get a Cultist of Some God of Death, that wear mourning garb and honors the life portion, if you don't mind your soulless husk being reanimated as a zombie.

i give what the party claims to need, i just don't give it to them in the way you want. but to get off the tangent. CMD is too easy to raise to ludicrous levels, you completely need magic items as early as level 2 or 3, and well, pathfinder has no storytelling mechanics outside of what you can find in a miniatures skirmish wargame like warhammer. they boil down roleplay into bluffing, diplonacy or intimidation skills and call it roleplay, while i understand the intent, the player should at least describe the direction they are taking with their social skills, such as aggressive negotiation or seduction or whatever.

either way, this is just the first part of the review of my personal experiences with pathfinder.

The Adorkable Nymph's First Blog. an Introduction

Helloesies, my full name is Ilina Selene Hawkins-Young and i Game in a lot of shared groups with my Husband and Former Adoptive Brother, Timothy James HawkinsYoung. for my first blog, i thought i would perform an introduction.

as the Adorkable Nymph, the Reason behind this name, i am an Adorable Dork, and at the Same Time, i really really like Fae Creatures a bit excessively, plus, like most Fae, Despite being 26 years old chronologically, i have the build of a 12 year old girl due to a genetic disorder. but i won't explain the full details, just that i lack the ability to independently produce certain hormones

in Elementary School, back when i was my Husband's Adopted Sister at the time, Around 1st or 2nd Grade, 1996 or 1997. we were in the Elementary School Drama Club, our Drama Club doubled as a roleplaying club, and we had more roleplaying projects than acting projects. i did 5 years of 2nd Edition D&D with shared books that belonged to our club coordinator

2nd Edition Sounded Cool at the time, because all we knew was D&D and it was a portal for many into roleplaying. when we started middle school in 2001 or 2002ish, the drama instructor there played 3rd edition and our high school drama coordinator played 3.5 edition. until about 2009, all we knew how to play was dungeons and dragons with a shared library of school PDFS any student could download, even after graduation

in 2009ish to 20010, we discovered pathfinder, which we thought was cool because our immature minds were driven in a mad bliss by the power, playing with a DM on Saturdays we named Weekly William, we first joined his group on the Saturday before my Husband's Grandmother's Birthday in 2006. my Husband's name is Tim.

we were original members of Weekly Williams cast, and after the 2010 conversion to Savage Worlds, 2 of 6 out of originally 17-23 players who stayed. meaning roughly 11-17 players left with the conversion. at first, we hated Savage Worlds because we couldn't indulge our wish fulfillment fantasies.

up until 2013. it was all post apocalyptic campaigns and a struggle playing in play by post, because Tim and I, coming from a 19 or 20 year RP background involving R rated stuff, had a hard time keeping it PG13, plus our characters were seen as a bit creepy.

from 2013-2015, Weekly William is still on his post apocalyptic Savage Worlds Kick, and he still doesn't realize, that restricting entire build options to NPCs and restricting entire Hindrances or Edges to just the NPCs for the sake of Reigning in cheese, doesn't do much to excite the group. i can understand restricting species or magic types based on setting, but please, don't tell a player they can't play a psychic in a post apocalyptic game, only to include a 13 foot tall psionic chicken that farts radioactive fire using pyrokinesis. it is not funny, and nobody takes it seriously. what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. if you don't want to deal with Pyrokineticists whiping out your horde of mooks, you shouldn't include a silly pyrokinetic joke monster. if a chicken can become psychic, so can a human, in fact, a human is far more likely to have the brains for psionic powers than a darn chicken.

some time in 2012-2015, i discovered this friend named Nova, i think it was 2014, Nova and i get along well, even though i can't play in any more of his skype groups, mostly due to unintentionally offending other players with my R rated content

later in 2015, i joined and met with this guy named Cody Martin, who has a lot of similar nterests to myself, but thanks to Nova, i learned a bit about BRP, Cypher, Magical Burst, Fate and many other fascinating systems

in high school, i had bad Experiences with Role master that turned off the entire club, but this is the Adorkable Nymph's Introduction.