Monday, October 26, 2015

1st Character Concept i was considering for a New Years Fallout Campaign

to have some fun with Trolling my Saturday Savage Worlds GM with his fallout group, i am totally considering rolling up a young female wierd scientist with a modified left handed nintendo power glove that mimics the Ember Cylica from RWBY and well, a Hologram Projecting Jacket that blurrs ones movements in a manner akin to the predator cloak as her first 2 inventions

essentially, the gauntlet starts with the smite power and will pick up the bolt power later, but it otherwise functions as a deathclaw gauntlet, not because it was made from a deathclaws hand hooked to a brace, but due to the tech augmenting the gauntlet. the gauntlet might later have blast and burst. it was inspired by the Ember Cylica from RWBY

the Holojacket will start with the deflection power and eventually likely pick up disguise and invisibility, while otherwise functioning as a light armor in the form of a quilted mesh jacket. providing a thin layer of passive protection to the torso and arms. the HoloJacket is essentially Predator Cloak from the Predator movies from the 1990s

essentially, she is legal age but slight framed, youth and immature while referencing potent late 20th and early 21st century gaming tech. and well, she is a Vault Dwelling Vigilante who uses the power glove and holo jacket as her signature weapons and upgrades them over time. making a pact with the old god 'Tari for this wisdom. so she is clearly delusional.

well, i will post more character concepts when they come.

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