Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Old Savage Tale. a Tale of Underestimated Luck

it was a Savage Worlds Science Fiction Campaign Taking Place in the 42nd Century A.D. with races from the fantasy companion serving as Alien Archetypes Alongside Terrans and well, the Party was a Crew of Interstellar Smugglers and Couriers in a whimsical fashion similar to the main cast of Futurama. we were forever having financial issues, constantly in debt, and well, we had angered the Republic Countless times.

our courier license hadn't been updated in 15 years, and despite this being 4,257 AD, i was playing a Caucasian middle school student from 2,027 AD who grew up on Playstation and Graphic Novels. because she was a 12 year old Terran who was recently thawed, she had small and clueless as her major hindrances with outsider and timid as minor hindrances, with clueless specifically applying to the centuries 23rd and after/ so she was still learning the ropes of a delivery crew and became quite an effective Starship Combat Evasive Combat Manuevers (ECM) Specialist and in addition to outmanuevering most older individuals, was quite good at preparing targets for the opponent to fire at, using her "Playstation Skills" which were treated as a "Technology Roll" and she also had a decent investigation, because she looked up a lot of Hentai or some crap like that. stuff i did at that age.

our Ship was impounded by the Republic for not having an up to date license, and well, because we couldn't afford our taxes or to update our license let alone pay 15 years worth of backbilled renewals, we were arrested and escorted to the capitol of the Republic's Penal System, a Prison Built on an Old and Dying Moon where prisoners were expected to do slave labor. being deemed unfit for physical labor, i got permission to do domestic labor involving my skill with technology.

while they removed most of the crew's telecom earbuds and removed most of their weaponry and non-personal effects, and well, the only items i had were personal effects, a Smart Phone of the Samsung Galaxy S3 model, a lunch pail loaded with Art Supplies, and well, my phone charger. i didn't get to bring my playstation though. because they deemed that an ECM simulator.

within 2 days with my smart phone, i was told i needed 5 successes in 2 rolls to get access to a connection on an investation, my D8+2 exploded 8 times and i got a 65, or 16 successes, which gave me the passwords and access to everything in the Republics archives, as well as a list of Rich people to siphon money from, so i broke the security of a 42nd century database with a 21st century phone from pure luck.

i then proceeded to report and hack the accounts of a few suspicious Republic nobles who my investigation told me were doing shady things, confiscating both the money of those nobles, and collecting a bounty for revealing their crimes on public blog. with the money, i wired money to the republic to buy off our renewel of our license, pay off and restock our ship, pay off the impound fees, bribe our way out of prison, and make a deal with offering to smuggle evidence as investigators

the Senator agreed on the condition that we fake our escape and make it look like a prison break, so i handed the toughest fighters, the Dwarven Captain and the Orcish Bruiser, each one of my pairs of 21st century student grade lefty scissors to nonlethally disable the power armored guards and get our escape to make the deal.

most of the guards were acting inferior because it was scripted. and well, to think all this happened with 16 successes on a technology roll. and well, this illuminati style organization of corrupt republic officials now wants us dead, but our courier license is renewed for 30 more years, and we escape, and well, the GM thought there was no way i could get that many successes until i gained them right in front of him and well, Terran 21st century technology began to resurface in popularity, and they started remaking the playstation 3, because it was apparently that good an ECM simulator. it wasn't campaign end, but i negated an entire adventure or few through sheer luck. but this was back in 2010-2011ish. i think.


  1. THIS is like the most awesome idea of an character ever. But my question is how could this little girl afford to be frozen?

    1. i never delved into that part. it never came up. so i really don't know.