Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ilina's List of DCC House Rules, Adventuring Proficiencies

Adventuring Proficiencies are a new system for DCC designed to mimic some of the utility of skills and feats from pathfinder without the blatant power provided by the system. note that not all of these proficiencies are tested, and some of them might be class specific or even highly useless under certain classes

each class recieves a number of starting proficiencies at 1st level equal to 4 plus their intelligence modifier. in addition, everybody recieves the skill proficiencies native to their 0 level occupation for free, gaining +2 to rolls pertaining to their occupation. this isn't the sole list of proficiencies, but it covers most concepts

Skill Bonus; (must pick a skill not native to your class and profession) choose a skill outside of your class and profession, you are trained in that skill, if it is a broad or highly useful adventuring skill (such as Perception rolls or Sneaking or even Lockpicking), you recieve a +2
bonus to that skill, if the skill is instead focused on an extremely situational and rarely used skill (such as tailoring or performance) or the bonus is on a narrow use of a skill that really shines when it shows up (such as perception rolls made to notice hazards or athletics rolls made to swim), the bonus is replaced with a +5. you may choose either the +2 or +5 version each time you select this proficiency.

Attack Cantrip (requires Elf or Wizard); your wizard or elf learns magic missile as a bonus spell with the benefit they can cast it at will without risk of forgetting it as long as they have actions to spend. no roll is needed for this.

Bottomless Cantrip; (Requires Elf or Wizard) Each time you select this ability, Select Either Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound or Silent Image, you learn this spell as an additional spell known and may cast it at will without risk of forgetting it and without a roll as long as you have actions remaining

Weapon Proficiency; (must pick a weapon not native to your class and profession) choose a weapon not normally available to your class and profession, you gain proficiency in that weapon

Brutal Throw (Requires Warrior or Dwarf, Cannot have Weapon Finesse, Guided Hand or Bladesong)

you apply your strength modifier instead of your dexterity modifer to attack rolls with ranged weapons

Weapon Finesse (Requires Thief or Halfling, Cannot have Brutal Throw, Guided Hand or Bladesong)

you apply your dexterity modifier in place of your strength modifier to attack and damage rolls with melee weapons on the thief and halfling proficiency lists

Bladesong (Requires Elf or Wizard, Cannot have Brutal Throw, Guided Hand, or Weapon Finesse)

you were trained in the bladesinger style of combat, when wielding a melee weapon with which you are proficient, you apply your intelligence bonus instead of your strength bonus to attack and damage rolls

Guided Hand; (Requires Cleric, cannot have Brutal Throw, Bladesong or Weapon finesse)

when your cleric wields a weapon they are proficient with, they apply their personality modifier to the attack and damage roll in place of their strength modifier as they channel their god's will through their weapon

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