Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Adorkable Nymph's First Blog. an Introduction

Helloesies, my full name is Ilina Selene Hawkins-Young and i Game in a lot of shared groups with my Husband and Former Adoptive Brother, Timothy James HawkinsYoung. for my first blog, i thought i would perform an introduction.

as the Adorkable Nymph, the Reason behind this name, i am an Adorable Dork, and at the Same Time, i really really like Fae Creatures a bit excessively, plus, like most Fae, Despite being 26 years old chronologically, i have the build of a 12 year old girl due to a genetic disorder. but i won't explain the full details, just that i lack the ability to independently produce certain hormones

in Elementary School, back when i was my Husband's Adopted Sister at the time, Around 1st or 2nd Grade, 1996 or 1997. we were in the Elementary School Drama Club, our Drama Club doubled as a roleplaying club, and we had more roleplaying projects than acting projects. i did 5 years of 2nd Edition D&D with shared books that belonged to our club coordinator

2nd Edition Sounded Cool at the time, because all we knew was D&D and it was a portal for many into roleplaying. when we started middle school in 2001 or 2002ish, the drama instructor there played 3rd edition and our high school drama coordinator played 3.5 edition. until about 2009, all we knew how to play was dungeons and dragons with a shared library of school PDFS any student could download, even after graduation

in 2009ish to 20010, we discovered pathfinder, which we thought was cool because our immature minds were driven in a mad bliss by the power, playing with a DM on Saturdays we named Weekly William, we first joined his group on the Saturday before my Husband's Grandmother's Birthday in 2006. my Husband's name is Tim.

we were original members of Weekly Williams cast, and after the 2010 conversion to Savage Worlds, 2 of 6 out of originally 17-23 players who stayed. meaning roughly 11-17 players left with the conversion. at first, we hated Savage Worlds because we couldn't indulge our wish fulfillment fantasies.

up until 2013. it was all post apocalyptic campaigns and a struggle playing in play by post, because Tim and I, coming from a 19 or 20 year RP background involving R rated stuff, had a hard time keeping it PG13, plus our characters were seen as a bit creepy.

from 2013-2015, Weekly William is still on his post apocalyptic Savage Worlds Kick, and he still doesn't realize, that restricting entire build options to NPCs and restricting entire Hindrances or Edges to just the NPCs for the sake of Reigning in cheese, doesn't do much to excite the group. i can understand restricting species or magic types based on setting, but please, don't tell a player they can't play a psychic in a post apocalyptic game, only to include a 13 foot tall psionic chicken that farts radioactive fire using pyrokinesis. it is not funny, and nobody takes it seriously. what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. if you don't want to deal with Pyrokineticists whiping out your horde of mooks, you shouldn't include a silly pyrokinetic joke monster. if a chicken can become psychic, so can a human, in fact, a human is far more likely to have the brains for psionic powers than a darn chicken.

some time in 2012-2015, i discovered this friend named Nova, i think it was 2014, Nova and i get along well, even though i can't play in any more of his skype groups, mostly due to unintentionally offending other players with my R rated content

later in 2015, i joined and met with this guy named Cody Martin, who has a lot of similar nterests to myself, but thanks to Nova, i learned a bit about BRP, Cypher, Magical Burst, Fate and many other fascinating systems

in high school, i had bad Experiences with Role master that turned off the entire club, but this is the Adorkable Nymph's Introduction.

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