Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dark Phoenix Cleared, Tsukuyomi Objective Complete

the Dark Phoenix is cleared as of halloween. this loli got a free bag of candy corn and a snickers bar for showing up in a black and teal Alice dress and flashing her bloomers to the shop owner. special halloween thing, lotsa steampunk and lotsa gaming

well, the group was bickering about who has to become the Sacrifice for the group to finish the campaign, after 2 hours of Bickering, i was in character as the Synth and Ex Dark Phoenix Operative, Tsukuyomi told the group. "my mission is to Serve the United States Government, there isn't much more i can do to reestablish, so i am ready for my final mission. Project Suzaku. Offer me to become the next Phoenix"

after Tsukuyomi was uploaded to the phoenix terminal.  the group got into a fight, because they apparently don't flee nor do they beleive in surrender. generally the group isn't very diplomatic and they fight their way through everything, saving their bennies for soak rolls and surviving the death rolls.

after saving the group by means of Sacrifice. we got our epilogues, but because it was the final session. it didn't even matter whether or not the group survived. and our whole reason for surviving was to finish the railroad. well, zombie apocalypse for 2 months. fallout on the new year, gamer got rejected.

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