Monday, December 7, 2015

a blast from the past, the abbot

i realized i'm an accidental hybrid of the monty haul and killer GM types

i reflected on some of my old one shots i run when i was younger and well, even though the rewards were heavy and tailored to the players desires, the fact my monsters used the equipment and consumables from their treasure allotments to make it difficult lots of potent rewards came in player hands, but also a massive body count

i remember a level 5 paladin who asked me if they could have a holy avenger. here is the story of a massive party of adventurers working to get an item

the party originally consisted of a 

half elf paladin 5

half elf bard 7

half-nymph shaman 9

human psion 4

drow ranger 6

elf rogue 5

after the investation, suriviving the fight and recruitng new members,

half nymph shaman 10 (the closest thing to an original party member from the third adventure)

half elf paladin 8

drow ranger 8

dwarf ranger 8

human psychic warrior 8

elf shaman 8

aasimaar sorcerer 8 with half elf favored soul 6 cohort

after saving the abbot. the level 10 shaman gained a pet water elemental companion by spending a talent
so because of the paladins want for a holy avenger scimitar. i included rumors of an Abbey in a mountain town that was beleived to possess a holy scimitar emblazoned with golden runes abbeys usually have a massive amount of monks, and well, i went with the historical western monk types rather than the eastern kung fu monk i included clerics, that were monks that drew power from their faith, retired fighters as temple guards in the fashion that many monks were retired footsoldiers, brigands who sought asylum and repayed the sanctuary with domestic assistance, essentially rogues, and well, scribes on loan to the abbot's educational library to restore and repair scriptures, in other words, wizards the twist was the abbot was replaced by an incubus, but none of the "monks" were actually aware of this, and were well, in denial a failed diplomacy roll from the paladin after the bard gathered evidence for a +4 circumstance bonus, (natural 1) led to a fight that left the bard, fighter, rogue, ranger and psion dead, and well, left the shaman and paladin being forced to retreat and well, being wanted by the outskirts village for "assaulting the abbot" in their place. 2 rangers, a sorcerer with a favored soul cohort, a second shaman and a psychic warrior 2nd attempt, the new players agree the escort the surviving raiders to the outskirts in exile, and the paladin must have her holy avenger, and knows the "abbot" has an evil aura the party seemed mostly prepared for the abbot, the increased healing and magic access allows them to curbstomp the mostly martial monks, that they didn't want to bother convincing them and well, the abbot was slain, but he still retained the abbots form in death and well, because the group murdered a monastery in 5 hours the villagers were offended they could kill someone so friendly for access to a mere artifact. and when the real abbot was bailed out of a soul gem, he banished the group for slaughtering his flock, in fact, he teleported them 1,000 miles away with a stone, and he was like "screw it, take my sword, you already slew 100 followers, maybe when you start a monastery, a reckless paladin brings mercenaries to accost your flock for it"

the fact he was thankful for being rescued, was the reason he let them take the blade, and sent them away, instead of reporting them

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