Sunday, December 13, 2015

some key Revelations i realized for savage fallout

i can't beleive i almost deluded myself into beleiving i wanted to play another sweet little girl in a post apocalyptic setting. i have enough innocent and vulnerable characters. i asked for advice on multiple sites, as if i talked myself into thinking i wanted to be the doctor or pharmacist again. but i played a Doctor for the second half of a year long campaign for 2 camapigns in a row.

i am sorry for telling others that i was going to play another doctor. i guess pharmacist and doctor are the wrong words, i should have simply said i wanted to play a pre apocalypse character that knows basic first aid, but also isn't completely helpless in combat or scavenging.

not quite a rogue, not quite a warrior, but somewhere between. someone who can do some skullduggery, can do some fighting, and can patch minor wounds between fights.

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