Monday, December 7, 2015

Trappings; Part 1;

trappings and reskins are fun, i use them in every character i play, sometimes with minor mechanical changes to better fit the character. i won't go into detail but i will point out a few guidelines in a good trapping or reskin

1. make sure that the tradeoff is roughly equal, swapping a bonus to 1 skill for an equal bonus to another skill, swapping a racial minor hindrance for another minor hindrance to better fit the character's home culture. these are fine, just don't go trying to reduce an assumed major hindrance to merely a minor. and well, tacking penalties in exchange for bonuses doesn't always work well

2. make sure the package of mechanics makes sense for the reskin based on your trappings, sure, you could probably reskin a dwarf as a Groot style tree person. and well, they would have a lot of abilities in common. despite a few minor differences elsewhere, like where they spend the points they got from their hindrances.

3, make minor descriptive changes, and make sure the new creation fits the setting. while you could use the elf statistics for your elven android without needing much of a new race, some changes might change the ability of some other players to suspend their disbeleif, like the infamous chainmail bikini being as tough and protective as a suit of full plate.

4. keep it sensible. nobody wants to see your little elf girl run around in a bra and panties that provide as much toughness as a suit of power armor. i mean, i'm guilty of doing this when i was younger, in my heavy comic book phase, and wanted to actually play a small elf who kicked ass in a bra and panties. like every other teen going through puberty did at some point, the fact i identify by the female gender has no influence on this tendency. everybody has had a 25th level lesbian stripper ninja at some point. mine just happened to be a snow elf mercenary with a scimitar and kite shield instead of a drow ranger with a pair of scimitars.

5, when playing a wizard, it is fine to have multiple descriptions for the same spell to make your spellbook look padded. having alternate trappings within reason for your arcane background fits this. for example, a Pyrokineticist probably knows both incindiery and kinetic versions of the same attacks

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