Wednesday, January 6, 2016

a Philosophical Question? what happens when the badass is too badass for the world to handle?

message for all the Combat Roleplayers who go on an Ego Trip and Overpower their characters for the sake of Winning and Feeling Badass.
so? you can cleave 12 nameless bandits in half with one slash? why are you still fighting nameless bandits if you drastically out class them?

in fact, what does the master swordsman even learn from continuing to cleave bandits by the dozens? you have already proven that you are Way Too overqualified for the task. what meaningful reward are you getting for slaughtering these insignificant 1st level rogues?

in fact, if you can honestly do this, then you are at the point where you can literally learn no further from killing said bandits, and would best leave the task for somebody who can actually learn from the experience.
to simply put it?

if you are so damned competent at a potential task to the point that further competence is overkill? isn't it time to start the practice in an area your character isn't quite so competent at? as a 12th level fighter, 5th level bandit leaders fall by your hands in one round anyway. generally from a single called shot you could effortlessly make while blindfolded. what further point is there to wasting your time and hindering experience points that could be gained by novice Adventurers?

if your character is the badass god of badassery? how do they really progress?

sorry for the D&D Analogies, but i figured they fit as shorthands.

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