Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ilina Rants about D20

"3.5 Problems mostly still exist in Pathfinder, such as the Candle of Invocation trick to chain gate an infinite number of Ifriti for an infinite number of Wishes. all they really did, was inflate health pools for casters and remove a mountain of key martial tools that were mandantory for speeding up fights in d20. like Pounce or Shock Trooper. and most of the issues they removed, they eventually brought back. you still have slow and grindy fights, because every martial character absolutely required pounce and shock trooper, and you can get neither without houseruling in 3.5 content.

but most of the overpowered buffs are still overpowered. Save or Dies are now useless. Casters are tougher than they used to be, and well, all the things needed to speed up a fight to a reasonable pace are effectively gone from players. leading to longer and more grueling fights than the ones in 3.5. but even with 4e Sized Health Pools, healing spells still aren't good enough to save you from most things. because healing spells still use their 2nd edition numbers. which are inferior to the numbers that are actually needed for healing to be viable.

so Pathfinder fights take forever, and you spend long amounts of time being poked by a wand to heal between fights. because wizard health pools are literally doubled thanks to a combination of favored class bonus, the increase in minimum hit dice, the addition of flexible bonuses to several races, and the buffing of the toughness feat. meaning, by playing a human, you can start with your 20 INT and 16 Con. and literally receive 9 hit points per level, or pretty close to 15 hit points at level 1."

an old Quote of mine from Happy Jacks

oh; i just love d20. just as much as i enjoyed having to powergame and murderhobo during my childhood. Pathfinder, is the Literal Representation of everything i dislike about my d20 heavy childhood.

there is absolutely no difference between prestige class bloat and archetype bloat. especially when both are little more than page filler made to sell more books because player character options sell. now you know why i prefer savage worlds. i prefer trappings and substitutions over entirely new races or classes built around 1 new fighting style.

in fact, the Pathfinder Race Builder isn't balanced at all. it is designed to make the core races look equal while making splatbook races look imbalanced. it is also the primary reason players ner Aasimaar, Fetchlings, and Suli. because they pay tons upfront for situational low level abilities that are forgotten by level 3.

dwarves are literally nickle and dimed with bonuses. but nobody cares about how high you can jack a dwarf's saving throws. try a dwarven archer and wreck your foes.

Pathfinder is built around the concept of core races being better for cheaper. it is built around wizards being gods d20 is designed to be powergamed, to be metagamed, to be shattered. d20 is for munchkins.

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