Monday, May 2, 2016

Powergaming? is it truly as horrible as Credit is Given?

i know that many people complain about powergamers for ruining the hobby. but how many of you honestly beleive the concept of powergaming could be something positive? something constructive? how many good things were born out of an honest desire to not actually drastically fall behind your companions? how many things were born out of a desire to tell a grandiose, epic and exaggerated story in the vein of various tales from mythology, anime or even fantasy fiction? if a mary sue is a wish fulfillment character inserted by the author? how many of us have wishes we desire to fulfill? how badly do we desire to fulfill these wishes?

i used to think being called a powergamer was a bad thing because of the stigma that surrounded the label and my desire to avoid the stigma. but everybody optimizes numbers to some extent. Archetypes, classes and roles in many RPGs prove this to be true. i realized, i was using a redundant word to hide from the shame of something i was exposed to for a little over 20 years.

everybody wants their character to be effective, to contribute to their role in a team. nobody wants to be the character that is carried, whether due to their character's age, disabilities or level. it is a primordial urge. Separate but Equal is an important thing in RPGs. i mean, murderhobos and minmaxers themselves aren't a bad thing. rather, it is jerkwads and elitists that are the problem, people who cause tension for their fellow players by simply being rude.

i mean. building a combat optimized character isn't an issue. building a socially optimized character isn't an issue. using dice to overcome a character's role despite an IRL deficiency isn't an issue. the issue, is players who feel a desire to bully other characters and rub their face in it.

do any of you think powergaming is honestly a bad thing? do you think any of the grandiose and epic wish fulfilment characters that pervade our world's literature is honestly a bad thing? Power Gamed Characters aren't Exclusive to Anime, many characters in Mythology, Comic Books, Literature and Stories dating back older than the written word, include powergamed wish fulfillment characters.

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