Sunday, September 11, 2016

i am fucking sick of Power Armor

i have played in 8 Fallout themed homebrew campaigns with the same GM since i started savage worlds in 2010. you know what they all had in common? we had to collaborate with the Enclave as thier Fetch Dogs. it was pretty much "we need you to go to X Zone to Steal Y Item from Z faction." in a repetitive loop.

we always end up with fucking power armor by the 4th month, Pip Boys by the 2nd, and mimiguns by the 6th. then it is pretty much 4 months of hosing foes in lead and recovering valuable items. no matter the group. any character identity is lost to identical gear.

we have to snowflake ourselvves in the beginning. which screws us over, knowing how annoying the loss of identity is. here is what i want to see.

1. Player characters shouldn't be running around in power armor unless they are filthy rich

2. other armors should be competitive

3. miniguns should only be on vehicles

4. if players are going to all have pip boys. don't perk tax us to use them.

5. ammunition shouldn't be as easy to replace

6. reduce the damned cash flow. but also reduce prices

7. lower the damned number bloat. if you couldn't get an extra 6-16 toughness from your armor. foes with 16+ toughness won't be needed. it makes lesser threats dangerous again.