Saturday, July 22, 2017

Savage Worlds, Subterfuge can really save the Party

in playing multiple campaigns of Savage Worlds since 2010. i found that when you play with the 2011 shaken rules in a deliberately benny starved game, that the best use for a benny, is not to soak a wound in combat, but to completely bypass an unneccessary combat encounter that is irrelevant to the story and here is why.

Savage Worlds has an extremely dangerous combat system and healing is a pain because of the 10 minutes required per attempt and limit of one attempt per character no more than one hour after a fight. even if healing consumables change how healing works, this is why i consider a healer with arcane background a huge lifesaver.

not only are player characters frequently incapacitated or maimed. often taking permanent injuries. but an extra has just as much chance of taking out a wild card as another wild card does. so because of this, and because of how difficult it is to properly heal. the next best thing is is to have a very attractive face character capable of using social skills to stop irrelevant fights before they happen. you are effectively spending on benny to save yourself and your companions a potential two or three bennies apiece.

the best use of a benny is to prevent damage in the first place rather than to soak it. and some GMs like having a more social group or having a more social character in their group. because social minmaxers have less stigma than combat minmaxers, despite both being minmaxers.

being able to disguise yourself and bluff your way past encounters really, really, helps quite a lot.

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